The best website design can get a potential client and thus be good for your business. We have all ever entered a graphically bad site or that is poorly aligned to its content or brand. After this, we will surely withdraw from the site and look for another one according to our expectations as users. We should avoid these kinds of experiences.A good web design can promote increased conversions, profitability, and positioning of our business in the best Google search results. In this article, we will talk about the importance of web designs and the Best websites for web design.

Why is web design important?

The design of our website is the cover letter of our online business for our target audience and potential clients. They say there are no second chances for a first impression and we think that is a very true phrase. Have you ever re-entered a website that had a bad design? No, that’s why you need the Best websites for web design.

It’s hard to get users’ attention back after this. That is why it is essential that the design of our website is well updated in terms of its content and at the same time well structured in terms of its design. Gone are the websites with extensive menus and excess pop-up windows, minimalist designs are the ones that are taking over the web.

best website for web design

These types of simple designs are all the rage for both site creators and users. Because they allow us to include brand storytelling without exploiting information and thus capture the user’s attention in another way. We have to pay attention not to force the content (or offer content of little value). So that the user experience does not become a challenge for the consumer. In a world where we are already used to immediacy access to information in a simple way has become a recurring and essential practice in web design.

We must consider that making an optimal website for users can bring us many benefits. Some of them are directly reflected in better SEO positioning.

In addition, having a minimalist design helps improve site load time, which is essential to keep users interested in staying online. And finally, keep in mind that a minimalist design is easier to develop responsively. That adapts to all devices and their sizes (tablets, smartphones, computers, among others).

Best website for web design

We have already analyzed the best website designs today, which can help you a lot as references to get ideas from each one and be able to apply them. We must bear in mind that creating and designing an optimal website is not an easy or low-cost task. So when we want to publish or modify our site we must have clear objectives before making decisions of this type.

Now, we will analyze the success of these websites that have been awarded thanks to their creativity and usability that benefited users:


Awwwards is the best website for web design. Discover some award-winning and impressive web designs handpicked by professionals. The design of this website was awarded thanks to the alignment of its design. It is represented by the services they offer: illustrations, audiovisual production, graphic design, and 3D modeling, which is the focus of this site.

Another highlight is the colors that contrast perfectly in terms of the background with the text, which allows us to easily read the headline and find the menu without difficulty.

Something interesting to note that makes this site. So characteristic is that it uses a single landing page to show us all the information necessary to contract its services, such as the work portfolio and the corresponding contacts.

This is a good example of how a site adapts and becomes responsive. If you look at the image, the experience, and minimalist design continue to maintain their essence.

These types of sites require a greater amount of investment from professionals. But they can serve as inspiration and reference for our sites. If you enter you will realize that the experience within this landing is unmatched.


Join this great design community to create your own inspirational forums and keep up with the web designers you love.

Its main design with the use of 3D fonts and backgrounds, shows us all the items with the necessary information to buy, without the need to use images or videos, together with effects that will make browsing more entertaining. It also has two languages that we can choose for a more personalized reading.

best website design company
best websites for web design

Although this design can serve as a small reference for your sites. It is not advisable to eliminate the use of images if we do not offer a product or service already positioned in the market. So if conversion is what you are looking for. It may not be the best alternative.

In its responsive version, the design does not change at all compared to the desktop site (desktop screens), this makes it a well-known and easy-to-use navigation from all devices.

Best Website Gallery

A platform where you can search not only for web design inspiration but also online design and development resources.

If you enter you will notice that this site receives us with a video representative of the business. And showing us the freshness of the products that many times the photos cannot capture. In this case, the quality of the images and videos that they show us is excellent, which is why they catch our attention from the moment we click on the site.
We cannot fail to mention that this site also occupies a single landing page to offer us all its main information.


A platform where you can create pinboards to collect referrals, tips, and tutorials.
If we look closely and enter the site, we will see a correctly legible menu and a video that shows us the manufacturing process with leather showing attractive details of their work.

Like the others, it is a site with a single landing and when we scroll, we not only advance towards the end of the site, but boxes that contribute to the content appear. Its responsive design does not lose a relationship with the website, offering the same user experience.

Zyro Site Builder

Find out beautiful and intuitive templates that you can use for free. This website focused on graphic design, illustration, and photography completely catch our attention.

Their communication based only on images and striking colors captures our attention visually. And from there it is our responsibility to maintain it (although they make it quite easy for you). The little and precise text that is used optimizes the time we spend looking for a service on our site.

CSS Nectar

Find high-quality websites and use the gallery’s filtering options to narrow your search. When we want to know how is the correct use of a video on a site, this home design business both interior and exterior is an excellent example. 

The video that welcomes us when we enter the site shows our hands drawing a plan of a house, with this, it is clear to us from the outset that the site we visit has to do with the world of design and architecture.

Adding it to the fact that we have all the information on the site briefly in a single landing, makes this site one of the favorites in the field. Its responsive design acts in the same way as its computer version, except for the use of video, as this can delay the loading of the site on mobile.


Get inspired by the vast collection of templates on this market. This website knew how to use a great web design that captured the attention of thousands of people around the world. 

best web page design

The experience you can get by entering this site is, without a doubt, unique. The details that appear as you go, from colors and animations to descriptions of the character, abound on this site. So if you have time and are interested, you will stay until you reach the end.

We know that a large part of the success of this site is the use of a popular public persona. But taking care to create an interesting site is also extremely important.

Agency Website Portfolios

Websites like Bonfire Red or Toy Fight can give you professional-looking web design ideas. The images and different effects take over the screen when we slide towards the end. Tabs of upcoming exhibitions and purchase of tickets will optimize the time of users when they want to go to an exhibition. 

The color palette of this site varies according to the theme being exhibited, leaving aside the serious prejudice that museums give us, which is also reflected in its responsive design.


Making creative web pages shouldn’t be a difficult task. As we demonstrate in this article, there are many sources of inspiration for web designs.

In short, these are some of the best websites for web design to find inspiration for your design. Now that you know where to look for website design inspiration, it’s time to get creative.

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