Many people are looking for WordPress plugins. In this article, I will tell you the most popular WordPress plugins name. Hope it will very helpful to you. If you want to make the best website, then you need to use those kinds of WordPress plugins.

Most popular WordPress plugins

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

The Elementor Page Builder is currently the most successful page builder for WordPress with over 500,000 installations. With its help, pages and posts from blogs or other websites with many elements such as sliders, accordions, galleries, forms, buttons, banners, etc. can be made more attractive. With the help of Elementor, it is also possible to structure content with nested rows and columns in a more complex way. And the best thing about it: The whole thing happens in the frontend and you can see the changes in the site directly. Very cool!

Slider Revolution (Slider plugin for WordPress)

A great slider in which you can install everything imaginable: videos, images, text, Visually appealing animations, and simple operation. Texts, images, and icons can be built into slides over different levels. These can be easily provided with attractive effects and transition times can be controlled appropriately.

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Plugin and easy to build pages and posts with columns and rows and various modules.

The WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) is a star among the WordPress plugins. He drills the editor into a page builder to get away from the standard look of WordPress themes. Almost any columns, rows, buttons, icon elements, sliders, … can be built in to get the last out of a WordPress theme. Highly recommended!

WP Rocket

Plugin to optimize the speed of the WordPress website.

There are free plugins to make WordPress faster. I also recommend these in this list. But if you really want the optimal solution for page speed optimization, you should try WP Rocket. WP Rocket offers, among other things

  • Caching (by the way, there is a separate cache for desktop and mobile)
  • Minification of JS and CSS
  • Summary of JS, CSS and Google Fonts
  • Lazy loading
  • CDN
  • Asynchronous loading of JS and CSS
  • Preloading the cache
  • Database cleanup
  • Varnish cache support
  • Optimization for the Core Web Vitals.

As you can see, this is the complete solution. It couldn’t be better. I also use it myself.

Contact Form 7 (Plugin for contact forms)

A simple but very flexible contact form plugin. If you want to change the appearance of the contact forms, i.e. deviate from the standard view, you have to have a little knowledge of HTML but otherwise intended for every type of form. Whether a contact form with the standard data or expanded with Captcha and file upload, Contact Form 7 does everything and is rightly in the top 25 of the best WordPress plugins.

BackWPup (Backup solution for your website)

Most web hosts offer backups, but it can’t hurt to use a backup solution that puts a daily backup on an external server, a Dropbox, or simply in a subdirectory of the WordPress installation. BackWPup does this very reliably. A backup plug-in makes sense to save the current status of the data, especially if you want to import updates briefly.

Yoast (All in One SEO Pack)

Plugin for SEO/search engine optimization.

most popular WordPress plugins

An SEO plugin for WordPress is necessary and is now commonplace. The All in One SEO Pack provides everything an SEO heart desires. Successful alternative: WordPress SEO by Yoast, which I now use myself. Both plugins are ideal solutions to add meta titles and descriptions to the individual pages and posts and to generate the necessary meta property awards for social media.

iThemes Security

Security firewall for WordPress.

WordPress is actually a security system. The large number of plugins that are frequently used, however, harbor a security risk. In addition to the manual security measures, there are various security plugins that intercept attacks. iThemes Security ensures more security. In addition to securing the login, protection against 404 attacks and various measures to make automated hacker attacks more difficult, sensitive folders such as wp-content / uploads can be protected from the execution of PHP files. A great plugin, which already brings good basic security with it. Read More about the advantages of WordPress.

WP super cache

Plugin to make WordPress faster.

best WordPress plugins for blogs

Anyone who has ever used a caching plugin in WordPress will never want to live without this accelerator again. WP Super Cache replaced my previously proven ZenCache, which worked very effectively and was easy to set up. WP Super Cache comes with a convenient preload function so that the cache is there when you need it. Popular alternatives: Cachify WP, W3 Total Cache (very powerful, difficult to set up).

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2) (Plugin for Amazon Affiliate Sites)

Anyone who runs a blog or a niche site usually wants to earn money with them in the end. This can be done in a classic way via advertisements (such as AdSense) or via affiliate advertising (ie you recommend products or services and then receive a commission if sales have been generated through this recommendation). The Amazon partner program is particularly well-known here.

Autoptimize (Another plugin to make WordPress faster)

Page speed optimization is becoming more and more important and a ranking criterion for Google. To get a faster WordPress website you can find a lot of tips here and use the Autoptimize plugin, for example. Autoptimize combines loaded CSS or JavaScript files into one large file and thus helps to generate as few requests as possible to the webserver per page view. This will make the site load faster.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Shrink and compress image files.
It makes sense to keep an eye on the picture sizes. I have already introduced you to Imsanity to keep the dimensions of the pictures within the frame and thus also the file size. With Compress JPEG & PNG images, however, you can also compress the actual file size of the image even further by subtracting out unimportant information in the image.

Advanced Custom Fields

Professional plugin to build in user-defined fields.
With ACF you can create additional content fields in your editor, which your editors can then fill out for each article or page. You can then output these user-defined fields anywhere in your theme, for example. This gives you the opportunity to build structured content extensions. The toolset is an alternative to this.

Antispam Bee

Light-footed, data protection-safe plug-in to prevent comment SPAM.
Akismet is not 100% data protection compliant due to its home connection. Antispam Bee is a good alternative here so that you can keep comment SPAM on your blog under control.


eCommerce shop system # 1 for WordPress.

With WooCommerce you can build your own shop in WordPress. With payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, or direct debit. Extensions also enable you to use booking systems for holiday apartments or online training courses. Whether a physical product or a digital product, everything is possible. With automatic invoice dispatch and taking into account data protection law.

Additional tip: Mailster

Email newsletter plugin for WordPress.
A great plugin with which you can collect email addresses, create newsletter campaigns and set up all of this in a clean manner in accordance with data protection law. Mailchimp and Co. are not all GDPR compliant. Mailster helps to ensure this data protection. And if you want, you can add an inexpensive mail service to Amazon SES to send many newsletters at a good price.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress plugins

WordPress most popular plugins

You have to distinguish for which purposes the plugins are necessary. Here are WordPress’s most popular plugins. In the case of business websites, the categories Contact (e.g. Contact Form 7), SEO (e.g. Yoast SEO), Security (e.g. BBQ Pro), or also eCommerce (e.g. WooCommerce) should be mentioned. However, the selection of the right plugins depends on the specific task on the business site.

How many plugins should you use in WP?

There is no specific number of plugins that would still make sense in terms of performance. Basically, however, you should use as few plugins as possible. The more plugins are activated, the slower a website becomes because new resources and scripts, and code have to be loaded. It also increases the maintenance effort and the risk of security gaps.

Best WordPress plugins for design

The best free plugin for WordPress design is a Visual Composer plugin that ideally meets a specific requirement, is constantly being developed and brings little load to the website. That means, you will find a lot of excellent plugins for WordPress, which fulfill their purpose in their respective category (e.g. security, speed, SEO, …). Free plugins are also available for most applications. Here are some really good and useful additions to your WP website.


Hope and believe that you got the right answer. Always, I will try to write some new information. If you like our answer you can express your feelings through comments. Every comment is valuable to us. If you want to know something else about WordPress plugins, you can let us know. Thank you.

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