Content Management System (CMS) is the best for all blogs and websites. This is the platform where all the content is being cooked and then it is being uploaded to a site. Now you will see the best tips for Using WordPress as a CMS.

There are various technologies of Content Management System (CMS) by which you can write, edit, and can include texts, images, videos, and insert links in your site. Among all technologies, WordPress is one of the best, it makes all CMS jobs easy, simple, and effective.

The WordPress software is designed primarily for creating blogs in which you can use static pages and or design more sites which can either be e-commerce sites or online encyclopedias etc. WordPress can also be used for CMS portal sites or for a specialized magazine supplemented with various plugin options you can install globally across your chosen theme(s).

A screencap of the CMS Admin Panel

Tips for Using WordPress
Tips for Using WordPress

Here we detail some of the options that can help you out with WordPress/functions.

Static pages:

WordPress sites generally have two types of content; one is the static page and another one in the post. With WordPress you can create pages for delivering information and for creating static pages which are accompanied by the “news” category.

Create the home page:

When creating your homepage in WordPress look within the tab reading option and you will have the option to save the page as a static homepage. All the future comments can be removed from the home page with the help of the edit option.

The side panel:

You will find this in the widget section whereby you can apply/edit categories and links and can select and classify in an appropriate order.

Adsense code or Javascript:

For inserting ads within Adsense within the body of the article you can also edit the content in the future. For any internal reformatting, you can disable the options with the visual edit mode. For adding analytics markers and can be placed on the footer or sidebar. Javascript code is within the right file of the template which is usually sidebar.php or the footer.php.

Modifying the code:

All the code can be changed with the template and in case you have the Classic theme you can change the file index.php. All the conditional functions will help you to customize the pages according to the type.

is_page() // static page?




is_404() // error page?

For adding plug-ins:

All the widely available plug-ins are meant for the presentations or to indirectly alter the code to allow for further construction and functionality or to create much more elaborate pages. For Test Control will disable all the internal reformatting and text for a particular post.

The HTML pages can be created with desired code and can be reformatted by WordPress. With Ajax, you can do multiple functions for including help in the design of the homepage. You can even create a list of pages with a Post list and can set them at any place. Then, there is Post Information which will help them to remove all the information on the content and articles but that will be decided by the user. With Inline PHP you can run PHP code that is inserted with the pages.

For a more sophisticated version of an editor, you can use TinyMCE ( do a quick google search “TinyMCE plugin” to find further info or visit where you can download directly) Advanced that will help in building pages and for any commercial purpose of turning your site into an online shopping platform you can use e-commerce plugins and for shopping forms for the user, use forms.


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