Reduce external links

It is said that if you increase the number of external links too much, the SEO rating will be below. If you mainly use sites created with WordPress, it is safe to keep external links within 5. However, when I install WordPress, an extra external link is automatically pasted as Blogroll. First, try deleting everything you don’t need.

Log in to WordPress and go to “Appearance”>Widgets“, you will see “Available Widgets” on the left and “Sidebar” on the right. If there are various things in the Sidebar from the beginning, drag them all to the left to delete them.

Wordpress SEO Advanced Edition
WordPress SEO Advanced Edition

Most of the external links can be erased just by doing this. Then re-register the widget you think you need. Which part of the top page the registered widget is reflected on depends on the theme file. After editing the widget, be sure to check the top page.

WordPress SEO Advanced Edition

Next, let’s remove the footer link. If you go to “Edit Theme”> “Footer”, there may be some links enclosed in tags. Delete the link of the official WordPress site and the author, and paste the link to the top page instead. (* Please check the license of the theme file to see if you can delete the link to the author’s site).

Increase reciprocal links

The safest and most effective SEO is reciprocal links. This is no exception to WordPress. If you search, you will find many reciprocal link recruitment sites with page ranks. Please select a reciprocal link recruitment site that does not have email address verification or screening. It must be hassle-free. Also, be aware that there are sites that are left unattended even though they are said to be reviewed.

Basically, the link is not pasted on the top page. Create a fixed page and paste the link, Peta Peta. If you put too many links on one page, there is a risk that it will be regarded as a link collection or spam. Therefore, if you keep it within 20 links per page, you can build a safe mutual link with a high SEO effect.

Increase the amount of text

An easy way to prevent WordPress’s internal SEO is to increase the number of sentences. That’s the merit of CMS. Search engines rate sites with well-written text rather than sites with only images. The amount of text should be at least 500 characters. Check if the text on the top page of your site has more than 500 characters. Ideally, about 1000 characters. Here are listed best cleaning company WordPress Themes.

However, if you include too many keywords with SEO in mind, it may be judged as spam and the search ranking may drop significantly. Never enter keywords in every line. It is best to include about 4% to 6% of the target keywords for the total amount of text. If the amount of text is a little short, but the keyword appearance rate is high, try adding a document that does not contain the keyword and adjust it.

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