What is WordPress??

Well, in their own words WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. In our words, WordPress is a very customizable and extremely efficient blogging platform with real-time SEO capabilities. Due to the way that WP organizes and structures web data its uses are endless. WP can be used as a Content Management System (CMS) very easily, acting more like your alternative platforms; Joomla and Drupal (more like a website instead of a blog). Today, I will explain to you the best WordPress SEO services

These CMS’s came about from the simple problem related to the tie between content and design makes changing the website’s look and feel more difficult as you would have to re-structure and change your content as well. This is one reason to hire a professional SEO WordPress WP makes it very easy to organize and structure your content while separating content and design.

WordPress Efficiency

WP creates what is called a WordPress Loop and is used to display each of your blog posts. WP processes all of your posts with your latest one being displayed as the current post on your blog’s front page.

There are many ways to adjust the loop if you want to make one of your posts a “sticky post” you can have it remain at the top of your weblog page but generally is left alone to work as it does by default. Each post is given the ability to have the individual title, description, and meta tags giving WP some highly strong advantages when trying to perform search engine optimization on awebsite or weblog.

WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services

WP pages are left out of the “loop” and remain used for static pages that don’t change; about us, history, contact, etc. Using the proper SEO plugins you can have a separate title, description, and meta tags set up for each of your static pages as well. When you use a static front page with WP you must still create a way for WP to display your loop.

Although you have the choice not to use your posts at all and just use static pages for your site, this would be losing one of WordPress’s greatest strengths, the ever-changing stream of content. As this “stream” of content is created an RSS Feed is created displaying all of your blog post’s allowing for republishing in other places on the web or to be sent to an RSS subscriber. WordPress Optimization – With all of WP’s amazing advantages over other publishing platforms there are some disadvantages with it.

For starters, because WP itemizes everything by category and meta tags, so if you click on let’s say the Web Design tag, then right along with the Web Design tag will be listed in front of you, as the same with categories, tags, archives, and searches. So why does this serve as a problem? Well in simple terms it causes a whole lot of duplicate content when looking at the site from a search engine’s point of view.

Search engines view websites as files (which is actually what they are) and each file has a tab (the post or page URL and title tag) and that page is indexed according to that tab’s contents. When that tabs contents can be seen in line with the search engines snapshot of the category, the thirty meta tags that should be associated with the post or page, the future archived location of that post, and the search result that shows that post, the one post is seen by the search engine as the same content on perhaps hundreds of different variations of your domain slug (/SEO/web-design/).

WordPress SEO Optimization

The result is a major duplicate content penalty from Google and most of the other search engines out there. No Good For SEO! The Seo Sports Team combined has 8 years of experience working with WordPress to create amazing and efficient websites and weblogs. We offer many top-notch WordPress SEO Services to help your brand become more directly involved with your target audience on a level playing field, the web.

We are an SEO Florida and will build and implement the most aggressive but refined, up-to-date but classic architecture for your web content for all of the webs to view. This web structure and frameset will be the platform for your improvements in your company website’s search engine performance. This SEO Strategy helps create more permanent search engine rankings. Sport can adopt this strategy to any current design on the web today.

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