Suppose a person is in search of information on “weight loss Juices” and Googles for the same; he is going to get top results of the keywords that match his search criteria. You have written a blog on the same topic and want the same to be read by the visitors i.e. You want your blog post to feature amongst the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Unfortunately, the searcher is not able to find your blog as it is down there on the 5th or 6th page of the results. 

WordPress Tips for SEO

Now, You will see the WordPress tips for SEO.

Thus you miss out on obvious traffic that could have ended up on your website. Now, this is a very common phenomenon and happens with people who are unaware of getting their blog posts tweaked to become a favorite of the search engine. Yes, the science behind this is known as SEO or search engine optimization.

It is imperative that you are well aware of the SEO fundamentals and WordPress tips to elevate your page ranking and attain more traffic. Let us look at some of the WordPress SEO tips to get the desired page rankings and traffic.

A WordPress installation is already a Search Engine Friendly platform and the structure is built in such a way that it is well accustomed to the search engines. However, since most bloggers or webmasters use WordPress; therefore it is necessary that you create the best possible environment for completing the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). First of all, you need to divide the guide for WordPress into five different points:

The Site Structure:

The site should be presented in the best possible way so that the Engine bots can scan and Index the work.

Organizing The Content:

Don’t make your content congested rather make it searchable.

Writing Content:

Search for tips about writing compelling content, which won’t only serve search engines but journals and article sites as well.

Interacting with Visitors:

Content should not be meant for the public, rather it should socialize with every viewer while blogging.

Search Engine Friendly:

Find out some great hints to enhance the performance and maximize the power of your blog.

Let’s get into the details of the above-mentioned points:

The Site Structure:

In this category, you can optimize certain theme markups that adhere to the W3C standards and guidelines. All contents of posts should be presented at a higher place <body> and the code block at the side menu should follow the main content. Proper usage of headings (, ) is important. Include permalinks that contain the vital keyword in them. You can follow here are WordPress tips for SEO.

Organizing Content:

All the contents should be posted according to different topics and they should be well organized under particular categories. All the categories should be named according to the niche they cater to. Place links in filing categories as well. All the posting orders should have alternate topics and must be semantically related to the previous topic.

Writing Content:

The content should help both the human readers and the search engines and it should always have a friendly tone. Write the topic in an interesting tone, rather than making it an exhausting read. Well, keywords must be stuffed inside and should repeat at frequent intervals; it is better to emphasize the use of bold fonts.

Interacting with Visitors:

Allow posting of comments and encourage the visitors for commenting. The best way to attract readers for commenting is to ask frequent questions in the article and allow some space for the visitors to express themselves. Ping the post if possible but do not spam.

Search Engine Friendly:

Put metatags as they serve as an information source for search engines. Use different metatags for heading and if possible, use the metatag description plugin as well for tagging the post.

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